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"like Love, Music must be made." ~epp

Better Angels [prelude and theme] (Single/CD)

Better Angels [theme and prelude]
Better Angels [theme and prelude]

Better Angels [prelude and theme] (Single/CD)


**PURCAHSE of single/ title track, AVAILABLE NOW with autographed CD and commemorative postcard of CD cover!!** Digital download also available…
-Better Angels [prelude], 4:39
-Better Angels [theme], 7:00

BETTER ANGELS, a three part work, based somewhat on the melodic theme(s) of composer, pianist and conductor, Maurice Ravel’s most famous work, the “Bolero”, an enigmatic, incessant orchestral composition originally composed as a ballet. Notably, 2018 marks the 90th year of its 1928 premiere.

Better Angels is the title track and single to Erica Papillion-Posey’s 3rd studio album. The [prelude and theme], included here, open the 12 track album with part 3, the [postlude] closing out the recording. With the appearance of each stand-alone track, the original, main theme and postlude become increasingly unrecognizable, in the best, most intentional ways!

*BETTER ANGELS, the album is slated for release MARCH 2019. Stay tuned for addtl details….

-Erica Papillion-Posey, vox/ executive producer/ lyrics/ co-writer
-Solomon Chapman, piano/ music director/ co-writer
-Eric Wheeler, bass
-Matt Campbell, drums
-Anisha Rush, alto sax
-Christiana McMullen, vox

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