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"like Love, Music must be made." ~epp




Better Angels is an 11 track work, 10 of which are original compositions: (lyrics) by Erica Papillion-Posey and (music) by Erica Papillion-Posey & pianist, Solomon J. Chapman.

“Better Angels”, words first uttered by former president, Abraham Lincoln, during his 1861 inaugural address and more recently echoed by former president, Barak Obama during his 2009 inaugural address and his 2018 speech upon returning to the political scene. The term and narrators call on us to dwell in the spirit of our best, higher selves, from a space of cellular purity, when casting decisions and or judgements for ourselves and our fellow man. Simply, this IS the call and sentiment of the record, in and through the lyrics, the musical structures, instrumentation and production. My hope…that you vibrate, resonate and think high(er). ~epp

Erica Papillion-Posey | executive producer, lyricist, composer, vox
Solomon J. Chapman | co-writer, music direction, piano
Matt Campbell | percussion
*Eric N. Wheeler | bass

guest artists |
Anisha J. Rush | alto sax,
*Ron Miles | cornet

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Better Angels [prelude/theme] (single)

*PURCAHSE of single/ title track, AVAILABLE with autographed CD & commemorative postcard of CD cover* download also available…
Better Angels [prelude] | 4:39
Better Angels [theme] | 7:00
, a three part work, based somewhat on the melodic theme(s) of composer, pianist and conductor, Maurice Ravel’s most famous work, the “Bolero”, an enigmatic, incessant orchestral composition originally composed as a ballet. Notably, 2018 marks the 90th year of its 1928 premiere.

Better Angels is the title track/ single to Erica Papillion-Posey’s 3rd studio album. The [prelude and theme], included here, open the 12 track album with part 3, the [postlude] closing out the recording. With the appearance of each stand-alone track, the original, main theme and postlude become increasingly unrecognizable, in the best, most intentional ways!

Erica Papillion-Posey
| executive producer, lyrics, music, vox
Solomon J. Chapman, piano/ music director/ co-writer
Eric Wheeler | bass
Matt Campbell | percussion
Anisha J. Rush | alto sax

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From the DEEP
11.99 15.00

This 2017 sophomore release, From the DEEP boasts 5 original compositions, 3 new arrangements of familiar standards and 1 complete reimagining of a celebrated opera aria, there is something for every jazz aficionado! Vocalist, lyricist, executive producer, Erica Papillion-Posey has fashioned original tunes with text of her 2015 book of poetry and prose, "Musings from the Mind of a Mezzo", creating a global, international sound.

Track List |
-War of Art, Papillion-Posey/ Nelson
-Softly, Romberg/Hammerstein/ arr. Nelson
-Estate, Martino/Brighetti/ arr. Papillion-Posey
-Summertime, Gershwin, arr. Papillion-Posey
-JuJu, Papillion-Posey/Nelson
-Chemistry, Papillion-Posey/Nelson
-Tell Me, Papillion-Posey/Nelson/Wilson
-S’Wild, Papillion-Posey/Nelson
-Habanera, Bizet/ arr. Papillion-Posey

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The War of Art [single/digital download]

by Erica Papillion-Posey
jazz/classical vocalist | songwriter | recording artist | author

[1st single from her sophomore recording: "From the DEEP", released Jun 2, 2017]
-lyrics | Erica Papillion-Posey
(from her 2015 book of poetry & prose: Musings from the Mind of a Mezzo)
-music | Erica Papillion-Posey and Tenia Nelson

Tenia Nelson, piano
Eric Wheeler, bass
Alex Tripp, drums
Eric N. Jordan, clarinet

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The Standard Reimagined, when jazz...
from 5.00

2015 debut of Erica Papillion-Posey

The Standard Reimagined, when jazz...
was presented in its most evocative, sensual state, the aesthetic, OH, so sexy with an understated elegance. The ambiance was high, the air thick with a tangible anticipation before a note was set free. This classic, 12 track torch recording is a nod to 'that' period- Voix de la Dame (Voice of the Lady) and features wonderful arrangements of beloved jazz standards reimagined with piano, bass and violin!

The Standandard Reimagined:
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Musings from the Mind of a Mezzo
9.99 12.00

2015 literary debut, Musings from the Mind of a Mezzo, poetry & prose of passion, pain & plight by Erica Papillion-Posey is a compilation of works chronicling various personal experiences as a child of adoption, a woman, performer and artist.

“Erica Papillion-Posey writes with a palpable and smoldering desire.  Emotionally intelligent, wise, and elegant, her way with words triggers within the reader a mirror image of the muse that spawned her poetry.  Brimming with femininity and command, we get a window inside the soul of womankind, and are seduced by both her shadow and light.” ~Theo E. J. Wilson, National Poetry Slam Champion.

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