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"Like Love, Music must be made."

Sponsors & Strategic Partners

A rousing "Thank You" to those 'Very Important People' that have always believed in my talent, continue to believe in me and strive to make my journey through this never ending but rewarding maze of musicianship a bit easier!

Without YOU, where would I be? Rarely is there a time when I look into the audience and one of you is not present. In an age where true patronage of promising musicians is fleeting, I'm quite blessed to have such incredible people in my life and musical journey. You are appreciated and loved beyond measure. It is with pleasure that I pay tribute to my 2016-2017 Sponsors & Strategic Partners.


-Phyllis Ward:
University of Denver, Lamont School of Music, Lamont Society

-Donald Leach:
University of Denver, Lamont School of Music, Lamont Society

-Charlet L. and Richard Sterling

-Gary and Jan Friedland:
University of Denver, Lamont School of Music, Lamont Society

 -Isadell "Buster" Posey:
CEO, Posey CPR Services and Lieutenant, City of Aurora, Fire Department



-RK84 Productions:
Production Team, Creative Partners

-Kevin Harewood:
EDclectic Entertainment

-Mariko Murase:
Concert Pianist, Piano Instructor

-Mila Startsev:
Pianist, Department of Music, Metropolitan State University of Denver

-Alexis Acire:
Designer/ Stylist: Alexis Acire Atelier

 For becoming an annual sponsor there are special incentives waiting for you!

-Attend my annual "Thank You" Sponsor Dinner
-Receive an annual Sponsor Commemorative Events Book
-Have your name and/or photo listed here, on my Sponsors/Partners webpage
-Receive signed performance photos, CD's, tickets and more!

Forward your 2016, tax-deductible contribution (cash, check, money orders welcome) to:

Erica Papillion-Posey
1536 South Goldbug Circle
Aurora, CO 80018

or make your donation here:


To Book Erica Papillion-Posey:
303.929.4874 or papillion.posey@gmail.com

Again, thank you for your generous, continued support and here’s to making 2016 as successful as any other. See you on the stage! And remember....

Like Love, Music must be made.