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"Like Love, Music must be made."

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The Standard Reimagined, when jazz...

by Erica Papillion-Posey

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The Standard Reimagined, when jazz...
was presented in its most evocative, sensual state, the aesthetic, OH, so sexy with an understated elegance. The ambiance was high, the air thick with a tangible anticipation before a note was set free. This classic, torch recording is a nod to 'that' period- Voix de la Dame. (Voice of the Lady).

*12 Tracks (enjoy the 5 tracks, from the LP, below)



“Erica Papillion-Posey recently published a book entitled ‘Musings from the Mind of a Mezzo’ (2015), a title revealing a lot about the singer. Papillion-Posey is a classically trained (mezzo soprano to be precise) at home in the realms of classical, opera, jazz and popular music, as well as poetry and prose. Her facility in each area studied and certain, but not so much that her art has lost its organic nature through study and practice. She is a natural singer who does not have to force her instrument to given genre, merely, she allows it to adapt and assimilate. These observations are immediately evident on [her] disc opener, Harry Edison’s by way of Jon Hendricks’ “Centerpiece” whose violin introduction, obbligato, and soloing by Jairus Daigle add to the fecund-organic sound of [her] well-grounded vocal approach. Using piano, violin and bass as support, Papillion-Posey is poised to present a dozen standards scrubbed free of romantic varnish. “Night and Day” and “Nature Boy” show [her] to be perhaps the best classically-trained voice to approach jazz. She indulges in none of the technical wizardry necessary in opera, opting to display her keen instrument in its purest, most fundamental form. This is an excellent first outing.”

— C. Michael Bailey | All About Jazz

-Chester Daigle II, piano,
-Jairus Daigle, violin
-Ken Walker, bass

Executively produced by:
Ken Walker & Erica Papillion-Posey

Recorded at Mighty Fine Studios, Denver, CO
-Colin Bricker, engineer
-Colin Bricker, mixing & mastering

Album Design and Direction:
-Erica Papillion-Posey & Todd Reid

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