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"Like Love, Music must be made."


11/2016— Press Release: Erica Papillion-Posey assumes role of Clara in The Aurora Fox Theater production of Gershwin's Porgy and Bess. Erica is also to appear in DEEP Like... Mood of a Mezzo at Mercury Café with Spherio and in recital with pianist, Mariko Murase in East Meets West at Washington Park United Methodist during the month of November.

10/2016— Erica Papillion-Posey in performance at jazz showcase, 'The Standard Reimagined, DEEP Like' with trio Spherio, special guest, Erica Jordan and La Cour Denver's Art Bar in 'DEEP Like... Mood of a Mezzo' during month of October.

8/16/2016— Erica Papillion-Posey in performance at Denver Art Museum for "Expressions of an Activist with Grand Design Inc. http://www.epapillionposey.com/events/8/29/2016/grand-design-presents-expressions-of-an-activist

7/20/2016— Erica Papillion-Posey proud to announce membership to (NARAS) National Academy of the Recording Arts & Sciences aka THE GRAMMY'S!! Stay tuned...

5/10/2016— NEW REVIEW from Woodrow Wilkins (The Jazz Writer) at Smooth-Jazz.de Papillion-Posey's debut LP, The Standard Reimagined, when jazz: http://www.smooth-jazz.de/Woodrow/Papillion-Posey/TheStandardReimagined.htm

4/19/2016— NEW REVIEW from C. Michael Bailey of All About Jazz on Papillion-Posey's debut LP, The Standard Reimagined, when jazz: http://www.allaboutjazz.com/jazz-quanta-april--five-women-iii-erica-papillion-posey-melisa-morgan-daphna-levy-gabriela-martin-sofia-ribeiro-sofia-ribeiro-by-c-michael-bailey.php

4/4/2016— NEW REVIEW from George Harris of Jazz Weekly on Papillion-Posey's debut LP, The Standard Reimagined, when jazz...: http://www.jazzweekly.com/2016/04/voices-to-considersofia-ribeiro-mar-sonor-erica-papillion-posey-the-standard-reimagined/

3/1/2016— For immediate release:
Erica Papillion-Posey joins New York based, jazz public relations firm, Two for the Show Media, in promotion of dual release: LP, The Standard Reimagined, when jazz... and book, Musings from the Mind of a Mezzo, poetry and prose of passion, pain and plight.


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